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I grew up in a small coastal town in Puglia, Margherita di Savoia, where the sea and the land framed my childhood. My farmer grandparents instilled in me a deep love for authentic countryside products, and my father, passionate about fishing, passed on his love for the sea. As a child, I spent summers harvesting fruits from the land to preserve them for the winter.

My creativity, innovation, passion for art, anthropology, and travel are reflected in every dish that comes to life in the kitchen, but it always carries the cultural diversity that encompasses my history.

I started working very early, at the age of 13, while attending hospitality school, I worked during the summer seasons. And that's how it all began!
After various experiences in Italy and around the world, always in Fine Dining or high-end hotels, and after obtaining 2 diplomas in restaurant services and 2 in sommelier, one in wines and the other in olive oil, my husband and I decided to move to Geneva in 2017.

I immediately joined the La Paix Ritz Carlton hotel as a sous-chef and, after three years, as the chef at the Fiskebar restaurant.

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A Dialogue with Nature

​​I promote a sustainable approach in my kitchen, with a strong emphasis on local sourcing and a commitment to reducing waste. I personally procure ingredients directly from local producers and sometimes even from the nearby forests, ensuring the freshest and most seasonal foods make their way to my kitchen. 

My team and I are deeply committed to zero-waste practices. We carefully interpret the menu, which changes every eight weeks to align with the seasons. This ensures that our diners enjoy a continually refreshed and environmentally responsible culinary experience.

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